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Summerville High School5

Summerville, SC | Dorchester County

October 28, 2014

Summerville high school should receive a below zero rating. I am a senior at the high school and being new I regret begging my parents to send me here. The school has rats, cockroaches, mold, etc. Overall its gross. Now the lack of respect for students and teachers is unnerving. Students have no respect for the teachers and in turn the teachers have no respect for the students. The principal is so invested in making sure kids have on dress code and are at school on time that he is willing to have students spend the entire day is ISS just because their shirt doesn't cover their butt if they wear leggings. It is RIDICULOUS. You are taking a child away from their learning in order to make sure they wear the right pants to school. This school needs a reality check because it is not worth the time of anyone.

Submitted by a student

October 4, 2014

I am a senior at Summerville high and this school's relationship with the students has completely deteriorated, fights are happening almost every day, and on Tuesday morning all the students and staff had to be evacuated for the second time this year because of a gas leak, DO NOT send your kids here, because obviously safety isn't this districts number one priority

Submitted by a student

September 21, 2014

Just read a ninth grader was, reprimanded, suspended and subsequently had the cops called on him because he wrote about shooting a dinosaur, as part of an assignment. Now that the thought police are in action at our public schools, how do we teach creative and independent thinking, if teachers are focused on controlling thought? Ridiculous what has become of the public school system. Just look at the petty posts by a teacher on this thread. Or our standings around the globe.

August 25, 2014

This school is a joke and the principal should be fired for calling the police on a 9th grader for writing a fiction story on guns. Are you kidding me! I would never in a million years send my school this bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

April 20, 2014

As a current student about to graduate, the good qualties are the honors and AP classes, however the cp classes have been terrible. There is a major lack of control and dont l learn anything over the course of the year. The faculty has both amazing teachers and horrible teachers. I've had to go back to my 9th and 10th grade teacher when current teachers are not helpful. My guidance counselor however has been amazing and very supportive 10-12th grade. The last thing is the school has way too many students and not enough control.

November 8, 2013

I had 3 sons go through this school and although all graduated the fighting, bullying, lack of motivated teachers (a few i doubt were no more than full time subs), and overcrowding was a nightmare. School bus beatdowns happened frequently also which I witnessed personally while driving behind a school bus. The school is just too plain small for a student body of over 3,000 students and they have GOT TO HIRE MORE QUALIFIED GUIDANCE COUNSELORS!! There just are not enough for the amount of student per ratio. THE TOWN KEEPS ALLOWING MORE & MORE SUBDIVISIONS TO BE BUILT WITH ZERO THOUGHT AS TO WHERE THESE KIDS ARE GOING TO BE SCHOOLED!! Its gone BEYOND RIDICULOUS!! AGAIN!! BUILD MORE HIGH SCHOOLS!! ASHLEY RIDGE WAS NO MORE THAN A BAND AID!! That school is minuscule to SHS!!! Do SOMETHING WITH ALL THE TAX MONEY THOSE NEW HOUSES ARE BRINGING IN AND BUILD MORE HIGH SCHOOLS!! WHERE IS ALL THE TAX MONEY GOING IN THIS TOWN??!!

Submitted by a parent

November 7, 2013

Summerville high school is a joke! While some can its great, I've seen otherwise! Between 2-4 fights on a regular basis with some starting as early as breakfast! Kids disrespecting staff, staff kissing up to students whose parents have money, students being subjected to endless racial slurs and taunts, bullying and not so kind administators to both parents and students! I heard how great this school is, but I got a first hand account that everything that glitters is not gold!

Submitted by a teacher

September 6, 2013

This schools administration does not care about the teachers, much less the students. The assistant principal Lynne' Reeves Assistant Principal, Master Scheduler punishes the teachers for wanting to be more influential to the kids. She personally makes sure the classroom is a non learning environment. What a disgrace. She just wants to push non educated students out because they are "insignificant". Horrible.

Submitted by a teacher

January 8, 2012

This school is far too large to be effective in teaching our children. At 3100+ enrolled students the school becomes a small city when in session. There are multiple full time police officers assigned to the school. Due to it's location the school often goes on lockdown when violent crime is reported in the adjacent neighborhood. I do have to say, however, that the new principal seems to be very effective and has a great background. Our son really enjoyed his time there and had many great friends. Academically the schools offerings are diverse and challenging. DD2 needs to keep up with it's booming population and build another high school.

Submitted by a parent

December 16, 2011

I received an excellent education at Summerville High. The Honors and AP courses I took were challenging, and I learned a great deal. I scored well on the SAT and ACT and graduated from with honors from Furman University. My teachers at SHS genuinely cared about their students' well-being and success. I remember fondly my time at Summerville and know each student can receive a high-quality education there if they put forth their best effort.

October 10, 2011

My son excelled at SHS. Their math, science, and counseling staff include military veterans who, along with JROTC, are helping my son make successful applications for the Naval and Air Force Academies. My daughter had a very negative experience her freshman year. Teachers assigned to freshman academy acted more like college buddies than professionals, then struggled to contain personal feelings when they later tried to regain authority. Overall, student population is too large for the facility. Ashley Ridge should be considered when buying. The new principal (2011) is outstanding, renewing professionalism in staff dress code, staff conduct, and student leadership.

Submitted by a parent

August 22, 2011

The academics at SHS if mobilized would be substantial. Our children would have purpose,vision,responsibility,opportunity and be successful members of our communities or other places they live. Our elementary schools put so much time ,energy,compassion,devotion,love and an awesome foundation of education into our children.The communicaton between parent and teacher gets lost in middle school. At SHS you have to make sure your chidren are taking the proper courses for thier desired education goals.SHS does have many chidren left by the wayside.As parents its our responsibility to instill love,morals values,beliefs,responsibiliyt, accountability,experience and goals in thier lives.Hopefully no more students with high academic achievements and community involvement won't be left behind. I feel The PTA should not worry so much about fundrasing, and more about communication from teacher to parent. and to help diminish SHS high drop out rate.

Submitted by a parent

January 25, 2011

The school itself was an awesome experience for myself. The school is huge but its not big enough for the overpopulation of students attending. Coming from someone who has moved around their entire life i feel like Summerville High offered the most opportunities for young adults. The cons are that with it being so BIG and with 3500 + students there is not enough supervision. I had never gotten into any trouble in my life until i graduated to a freshman and summerville high made it so easy to mess up. But overall i loved the school.!

Submitted by a student

December 28, 2009

I loved going to Summerville. I can't say that I agree with all the things that the school does, but I had a lot of fun and enjoyed being a part of the green wave community.

Submitted by a student

October 1, 2009

Summerville High School is the largest school in the state and has great kids and great teachers!!

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