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Cane Bay High School6

Summerville, SC | Berkeley County


January 21, 2015

My daughter is a straight A student. Has been since kindergarden. The only problem I have with this school is that there is no credit or encouragement given to the students. My daughter was use to hearing from her teachers that she does an amazing job and that she's an outstanding student. I find there are a lot of young teachers also that do not know how to professionally talk to a parent when they have a concern. One is particular but I'll keep the name to myself. We came from Florence school district where the teachers were into encouraging there students but here my daughter feels like just another student. I was happy recently that one teacher has stepped up to the plate and tells my daughter how proud she is of her. It makes her feel that all the hard work she is putting in means something. I am just glad that my daughter has two parents who encourage her other wise she wouldn't get that from 99 percent of her teachers.

Submitted by a parent

April 24, 2014

To the parent who's child (for unknown reasons) missed 40 days of school, Did you expect the school to teach your child through osmosis? If she wasn't there long enough to learn all of the material, how would she do anything more than just pass by the skin of her teeth? At what point do people stop playing the victim and own up to personal responsibility? Don't get me wrong.. There is definitely a uncalled for amount of poor performing schools all over SC, but your situation doesn't seem to reflect that. Whether it be Cane Bay, Berkeley or Sweet Valley High, parents need to realize that a good foundation for their child's education starts at home.

October 27, 2013

In response to the parent below, all students in SC have to pass the HSAP in order to graduate. Also, you do realize that as a parent you can speak up and ask that your child be held back? The only way I know to pass with 40 absences is with medical notes and parental support. We have been very pleased with Cane Bay. Berkeley County has other school options if your child is very behind or truly advanced. I have met only caring teachers and a good support staff. They offer core classes on 3 levels - basic, college prep and advanced. Their electives are way beyond anything I was ever offered in high school. The school buildings are less than 8 years old and very clean. High school is not meant to entertain you, but to provide you with opportunity to educate yourself. Cane Bay is a rural school, with decent course offerings and a good amount of sports and after school organizations. If you want school to be like high school on TV, then either get very involved in extracurricular activities or move to a city where the average income is about 6 times higher.

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August 14, 2013

My daughter went to this school last year, she missed over 40 days of school, was failing badly. I could not believe they basically gave her passing grades so she would pass. She is a senior this year and has not learned much in this system. I know she cannot pass a college entrance exam. Very sad school.

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June 26, 2013

I went there this year and I think it was alright. There were a couple fights and there's not a lot of things to really do. Our sports are good but I don't fully like it here.

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